Saturday, 5 May 2007

I love pizza

Our favourite pizza restaurant has to be Pizza Express & we own two copies of the Pizza Express cookbook. One Christmas I bought my Hubby one & yes, snap! that very same Christmas he bought me one.

I've used it quite often for its dough recipe & more often than not make my favourite Pizza Express pizza - the Fiorentina.

The dough is soooooo simple & reasonably quick to make so long as you have about an hour & a half to leave it to rise. I enjoy the bouncy texture of it:
To make the Fiorentina, the base is covered in the basic tomato sauce (1 onion chopped finely & softened in a pan with some garlic, throw in some tomato puree, then 400g chopped tomatoes and a pinch or two of oregano + seasoning - leave to simmer & reduce). On top of the tomato sauce you need to add some spinach, cubed mozzarella & some finely chopped garlic.
Throw it in the oven - ours takes about 16/18 minutes at 220° - 10 minutes before its ready add an egg... and hey presto one very tasty & satisfying Friday night in.
Serve with some black pepper & grated Parmesan and a large glass of white wine. Bellissimo!


Jules said...

I love making pizza. There is something really theraputic about making the dough.

Rachel said...

Hi Clare

Just wanted to say thank you for the fiorentina recipe, we used to live in Manchester, now in New Zealand ... and I was hunting the www for one ... very nice bog! Good pictures ...

Anyway Ta