Sunday, 9 March 2008

Butteries and Morning Rolls

Last time we went to Scotland we came back with a few bags of Butteries (or Morning Rolls as they are also known). Having some Scottish blood I would say it is only natural for my family to be hankering after these naughty treats.

They are a speciality to Northern Scotland - so with some of my family roots being in Elgin it is something my Gran & Grandad would have enjoyed on a more regular basis. We bought most of ours from the bakers in Aviemore but they have to be eaten fresh, so when we got back last Saturday eveing I took a quick drive round to my mum & dads so they could be enjoyed the next morning.

We froze the ones we kept and enjoyed them for a leisurely breakfast this morning. Served warm with marmalde and a nice cup of tea.

Oh, and Ginger, if you read this - you asked what I was talking about last time so I hope this now explains!


Jules said...

Ooh, these look like a perfect breakfast. How on earth did I miss them on our Honeymoon?
Are they the consistancy of croissants?

Rosie said...

Oh my goodness Claire these rolls look lovely and I bet the taste is amazing!!

Rosie x

Claire said...

Hi Jules, similar to a croissant just not as soft/flaky & slightly more salty.

Hi Rosie, yes they taste lovely. Just no good for my hips!!

Wendy said...

I love butteries, or rowies as they are known in my home village. So VERY unhealthy yet so very very good. I like mine with Dairylea on top!