Saturday, 21 April 2007

The last week

So I had the weeks food all planned out & as usual I start to change my mind thinking 'I cant be bothered making that tonight' or 'I don''t really fancy this today' Wah!

So I made the chilli & it was a success & I did enjoy batch number two.

The lentil bake, well thats still in the fridge - I am aiming to make that for tea tomorrow.

Linda Mc Cartney - pies & chips - were ok, sausages & chips - surprisingly very sausage-like but very salty.

On Thursday I was feeling lazy again but mustered up an asparagus risotto & it was quick & easy to make. It was tasty but could have had a small touch of lemon in just to lift it.

On Friday we went to a sportsmans dinner at Goodison. Hubby supports Liverpool so whilst being in the Everton ground may have been a bit painful for him I did catch him eating the EFC chocolates - and he didn't choke either.
I opted for the veggie option as I am not keen on meat, especially when we eat out. It was all very tasty - tomato & basil soup, asparagus, goats cheese & red onion tart with some verrrry nice balsamic with veg & then a lemon tart served with mascapone. The tart had just the right amount of lemon tang but wasn't half as nice as the brulee tart I made a week or two ago.

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