Thursday, 3 January 2008

The Three Chimneys

For Christmas I bought my mum & dad a recipe book called The Three Chimneys, Recipes & Reflections from the Isle of Skye's World Famous Restaurant. Hubby & I came across the beautiful book when we were in the Spey Larder, Aberlour. My mum & dad where in the shop at the same time so we didn't get long to look through it, but we instinctively knew (well, we hoped) it would make a great present.

To go with the book, I decided to make their recipe for Scottish Shortbread as an extra present and I am soooooooo glad I did. After trying to make vanilla shortbread a while back from a BBC GoodFood recipe which was nothing short of disappointing (they were vanilla biscuits, not shortbread). This new recipe was nothing short of fabulous. I think the main difference was that T3C recipe called for rice flour.

Now two days before Christmas (yes, it was a Sunday too), in a Tesco Extra the size of, erm, something very large with two floors I didn't think this would cause me too much of a problem. After failing on my first visit, Hubby reluctantly came back with me after I got home & found out rice flour is gluten free. Disappointingly I still couldn't find any. So we drove to Sainsbury's. Nope, no rice flour. So we tried the larger Sainsbury's - that had closed 5 minutes before we arrived. Gah.

Christmas Eve arrived and I was in work but Hubby had a list of things that we still needed to get so he tried a smaller (not small) Tesco in Chester & found me a packet of all that is light and crumbly, rice flour.

I made 3 trays full of biscuits on Christmas Eve and threw away a lot of dough. Everyone who tasted the biscuit the next day were very complimentary, even though they were made with Danish butter! A few biscuits were more golden than the others but here is a couple of wee photos...
My mum & dad seemed very happy with their new cookbook and after leafing through, my dad decided to tackle T3C famous Marmalade Pudding (which even has it's own club) on New Years Day. It was simply fantastic...
I'd love to visit T3C restaurant one day soon and if we were ever to have a few hundred pounds to spare it would to be great to spend a night. Another thing to add to my A girl can dream To Do list!


Rosie said...

Hi Claire, Oooooh I have this cookbook too "The Three Chimneys" it's a great buy!! The marmalade recipe is fantastic and also the hot marmalade pudding not to mention whisky fruit loaf very delicious ;)) Thanks for the info on rice flour and where to get it! I will keep an eye out now for it!

Happy New Year 2008 and I look forward to viewing all your lovely creations this year.

Rosie x

Claire said...

Hey Rosie, I'll pass that on to my mum & dad ;)

If you see the rice flour when out & about, pick a bag up. These shortbread are a must try!


Cakespy said...

Oh, looks lovely--I have to check out this book! That shortbread looks amazing. What a talented baker! Love the photo by your profile too :-)