Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Scotland: Foodie presents

We managed to bring back quite a few foodie treats from Scotland, mostly with thanks to the Spey Larder in Aberlour. Here is a quick list:

Spey Larder Deli -
Eggs from a local farm in Elgin
4 Butteries (the nicest we had!)
1 real Haggis
2 x bags of polenta
1 x quinoa (let me know if you have any ideas for this please!!)
Celery salt
Bay Leaves
Organic Sesame seeds
Blue Poppy Seeds
Ground Mace
Gardeners Spicy Tomato Chutney

And from other places -
Isle of Arran Cheese
Real Tomato Sauce
2 Veggie Haggis
2 Mealy Jimmies (white puddings)
Walkers Shortbread
Black Isle Brewery beer
6 Posh Chocolates
1 Granery Loaf from the Water Mill at Blair Atholl
1 bag of bread flour from the Water Mill at Blair Atholl

I think that's about it... some bits I bought for cooking whilst up there, others I just fancied picking up for a change. I'm looking forward to making some nice soups & home-made bread rolls - hence the sesame seeds & poppy seeds. I did take a picture of my haul but due to us having broken one camera the photo is quite poor in quality...


Anonymous said...

What are butteries Claire?

I like the sound of the blue poppy seeds, are they very blue?

Anthony said...

I think you need to do explanation post Mrs Wife. (Actually it's something I might do myself...)

The neglect of the buttery south of Edinburgh is a crime to breakfasts.

The word needs to be spread so we can buy them anywhere!

Claire said...

Ginger, its kind of the Scotish equivilent to a croissant - imagine a flattened croissant (just not floppy) but with a slightly more salty taste. Nice with marmalade on them. And as Hubby says you can only get them up North of Edinburgh.

Nice once in a while, like croissants - you cant eat too many of them!