Sunday, 3 June 2007

Another Place

Today we decided to go out somewhere. Hubby suggested Crosby to see the Anthony Gormley statues so off we went - this is the second time we have been so I took my wellies as last time my trainers sank into the sand!

Anyway, the tide was pretty much in, so we took some pictures of the statues (well, what we could see of them) and had an ice cream (Hubby has an obsession with Mr Whippy) & then we headed North to Southport where we bought a saute pan which I can use for my mexican eggs & lentil bake as it has a lid!

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Jules said...

When ever I'm at my parents I always go to Southport for an Mr Whippy and a walk along the seafront. There used to be a place near the park that sold Mr Whippy dipped in sherbert which was delicious!